Live Shows.

This is the story of my evolving journey, developing friendships and in the moment experiences while seeking a place in the community of musicians. 

The mission of this site is to serve as a portal for sharing my musical experiences while also introducing you to others who are on the same journey. You will find links to other's sites, as well as pictures and videos capturing creative encounters. Many are in-the-moment, unrehearsed, unpolished, and maybe even a bit “pitchy” with a few bad notes. But that is the nature of real musical inventiveness when recorded live. Hopefully this site will inspire you to join us in our travels to motivate and encourage others to continue to contribute to our musical legacy.

  • Music provides an opportunity to tell a story (real or imagined) as we wish it could of been or feel it should have been or how it actually was.
  • Music is a means of expressing emotion or to invoke a feeling which can aid in relief and recovery.
  • Music inspires imagination and an invitation to reflect on life's meaning.
  • What would we do without music? What we do without our tunes?