SAVEvolution is more than just an acronym for Strings and Voices Evolution. Original intention is in reference to the development of musical skill through persistent pursuit, practice and performance. The more you work at something like becoming a member of the music community, the better you will get. 

Volution is having the capacity to move in a new direction. So an additional meaning is revealed. SAVEvolution also means having the ability to make your own choices. While you may get distracted doing what you need to do to pay the bills, never lose sight of your musical aspirations. 

Record your songs. Take videos and be sure that your hand appears in the tape to show your finger positions. Perform your songs at house parties and Open Mics. Have someone else take pictures and videos while you do the same for them.  This will help everyone develop their performance skills as well as provide a history for reference and later inspiration.      

Inspiration & Genre

My musical compositions and cover song selections seek to inspire relaxation, contemplation and meditation leading to a person attracting good vibes from the cosmic consciousness.  Quite esoteric I know, but studies have shown that people tend to attract those things they dwell upon. The goals of my performances are to release folks from dwelling on daily troubles and instead focus on the good that will help draw to them the life they genuinely desire.

When it comes to cover songs, I look for that artistic piece that the song writer wrote from the soul that moves us but may have been over-looked by the producers who promoted the more “generic” tune developed and massaged by the in-house interests to make it more mainstream. In other words, I seek to discover the song writer’s song in the middle of the tracks. Music and lyrics that tell a story and provide insight, encouragement, motivation, and generally make you feel good.

Another genre I look at for songs and inspiration are movies. The Peaceful Warrior, The Secret and Elizabeth Town are among the stories that have influenced my life as well as my songwriting. In addition to the story, I look for songs that play in the background enhancing a snapshot of life that touches us emotionally and tugs at your heart strings. In some cases it may be a song that has been around for a while but takes on new meaning when placed in the context of the show’s story line. Some examples are Iris when placed in the movie, City of Angels and You Can’t Always Get What You Want, featured in The Big Chill.